Some people will obsess about picking the right name for their business. Yes, the name is very important. But it is also hard to pick the right name.

I realize that if the business will be successful or fail doesn’t depend much on the choosing the name. So I don’t want to spend too much energy and time on it.

There are much more important tasks. Finding the good ingredients (I want everything organic and from small farmers). I want to be sure that prices are set right so we have actual customers. I want to make sure that we buy the right equipment and figure out how to do everything efficiently.

But back to the pizzeria name. I already have location and it is on foothills of Palos Verdes. So the name is PV Pizza. Short for Palos Verdes Pizza. The name is not very creative, but that’s fine. I really believe the success will be decided by other things than the company name.

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