After finally meeting all requirements and obtaining permits for your new restaurant there comes the time to think about marketing. Competition is huge, there is a restaurant around every corner. So how to market your restaurant and stand out?

Today we are going to look at arguably the most effective marketing method that emerged just a few years ago: social media. Everybody knows them, everybody uses them, who’s not there basically doesn’t exist. It’s not only a place to showcase your life, but also a perfect place for businesses to connect with potential customers.

Obviously some businesses are better suited for a successful social media marketing campaigns than others and fortunately for you restaurants are one of the best in this regard. The potential of business on social media is basically rated by what kind of product or service the business offers and how well it can be distributed among people.

If you’re selling bricks, well, there’s not much you can do: even if you can, most people aren’t interested in bricks so it will be really difficult to make people engage with your content.

Restaurants on the other hand have one huge advantage: it’s their product. Food. Everybody has to eat and everybody loves a great food – and in this case, everybody likes to look at a great food!

Basically all your posts should include a photo – not only because marketers figured out that posts with photos tend to get more attention than those with only a text – but also because your food is what is going to catch attention, and it’s kinda difficult without a photo!

When marketing your restaurant on social media you have to keep in mind one crucial thing: where are your potential customers located. Usually it’s a 2 or 3 mile radius from location of your restaurant.

Now that we have some basics covered, let’s look at the main 3 social networks and what they mean for you as a restaurant owner


We will start with the best one – Instagram. As we’ve mentioned previously, the main advantage of restaurants on social media are the great photos of food they can post, and Instagram was created precisely for this: posting photos. Some restaurants have tens of thousands of followers just because they showcase what they make on Instagram. It’s also very easy to get started: just follow some food influencers (whether in your area or nationally), start posting photos and the number of likes and followers will immediately start going up.

Instagram tip: In order to get people in your area to know you, find them (using local hashtags and location) and just like their photos. They’re going to notice. Obviously don’t get into “ultra liking mode” and don’t like 500 photos in few minutes – you can get blocked. Try to like only the photos of real people – they are your potential customers, avoid liking photos of spammers (it’s a waste of time).

Instagram tip #2: In settings, activate the Business profile which will enable you to see how many people have seen your posts, how many of them engaged with them in some way and so on.


In the last couple of years the attractiveness of Facebook to businesses went massively down. Unless you’re boosting your posts with money, they won’t have a big effect. Reaching new people is difficult unless your posts are shared a lot. To sum it all up, Facebook page of Tim Ferriss, one of the most well-known passive income entrepreneurs, has 930.000 likes, but when he posts something, it’s not uncommon that the post has only 100 likes (or hearts, or other type of reaction) which really speaks for itself.


Twitter is a social network dominated by politics, news and sports – restaurants or other types of businesses don’t have a big following and rate of engagement from people unless the business is a really big and well known brand.


The conclusion is to focus mainly on Instagram, but post to Facebook and Twitter too. If you use a tool like Buffer which enables you to post to multiple social networks just with one click, there’s no reason not to do so.

Check out the second part of our guide where we discuss what types of posts to share, how they should look like and much more!

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